Hadassah Foundation Tobago

Hadassah Foundation is a non-profitable organization that was birthed out of a desire to assist underprivileged* children in Tobago as it pertains to their education. It is our desire to provide them with equal opportunities in academia and co-curricular activities. We hope to accomplish this by aggregating funds to provide school supplies, establish a scholarship fund, as well as, giving financial aid to facilitate their participation in extracurricular activities that will assist in the well-rounded development of these individuals.

Our vision
For underprivileged children to have the ability to access the same opportunities as children from a different socio-economic status.

Our Mission
To ensure the well-rounded development of underprivileged children in Tobago by providing equal opportunities in academia and extra-curricular activities.

1. To create a tertiary education fund.
2. To provide monetary assistance for school- related activities.
3. To develop a network of persons who are able to assist in various aspects of the children’s development.
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Hadassah Foundation

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